Selling your vehicle - Looking back on selling your vehicle has always come with a negative feeling. First you have to finally decided to sell your vehicle. Next you have to go to the dealership and spend all day to

work up a price to offer you. Well those days are done with us! Golden Motors has started Vin Live Auctions a program that works along side of Golden Motors Dealership. Background on Golden Motors,

locally owned and operated here in Columbia, SC. and has been in business since 2008. Golden has grown to keep over 150 vehicles on the lot for a great selection to pick from. Specializing in custom

lifted trucks, in house full service department with 2 oversized alignment lifts and top notch Techs to help you build the vehicle to be Golden!

Now step over to the creation of Vin Live Auctions, where you get to watch your vehicle go LIVE on the ACV Auction being shown to dealers across the country. They have 20 mins to bid on your vehicle

over the other dealers to try and win the highest number. Once this is finished we will bring you the offer, along with multiple other offers. In a hour you could walk out with a check in hand for your vehicle.

We check to make sure you are getting the most we can get for with your vehicle at that time. No obligation to sell if the number does not meet the number you put down for your vehicle and it is FREE to try.

Call us to set up a time for you to come in and try it today!!

Check out Golden Motors Reviews on Google to see how people feel about this program!