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Sell Your Car Fast and get paid

For Sellers our goal is to get you the most for your vehicle with all the information to you up front and not behind close doors, like we have all come to know in the car business.

With Easy steps - Tell us about your vehicle with basic information. Your VIN, mileage and condition, VIN LIVE AUCTION will then check out what your vehicle is going for

around the area as well as the nation. You and your VLA team member will come to a price you agree on. After price is decided on we will do a full inspection of your vehicle with

40-60 pictures to upload it to the online auction for over 6,000 other dealers. This is the fastest way to get the most eyes on your vehicle in one place. The auction will run for 20 minutes and

as the time goes down you will see dealers start to bid on your vehicle. Real time bids on a LIVE auction of your vehicle that you get to watch as the bids go higher and higher!

Happy with the number that your vehicle gets, then we can cut you a check same day.

Sell Your Car Fast and get Paid!

Should You Lease Or Buy A Car

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car vs Leasing

Buying a used car can be an attractive option for many consumers, as it allows them to save money and still get the vehicle they need. On the other hand, leasing has its own advantages and can be just as attractive for some. Let’s  take a look at both options in more detail to help you decide which one is best for your situation.

The Advantages of Buying Used

One of the major benefits of buying used cars is the price tag. Used cars tend to be significantly cheaper than buying new, allowing for more affordable upfront costs with lower monthly payments. This can give buyers a much wider range of vehicles that may fit their budget better. Used cars are also usually less expensive to insure due to their lower value compared to newer models. Lower insurance premiums can mean substantial savings over time, depending on the type and age of your car. 

A wide variety of choices is also available when shopping for a used car; many dealerships carry newer cars that have only recently been taken off lease. These cars are typically returned in excellent condition but come with large discounts due to the fact that they were previously leased instead of bought outright. In addition, certain vehicles depreciate more slowly than others; meaning if you choose wisely, you could avoid significant losses when it comes time to resell your car further down the line.

The Advantages of Leasing

Leasing is another way to acquire a vehicle without breaking the bank on upfront costs or breaking into your savings account every month for years on end; since lease rates tend to run lower than loan rates, it's usually possible to pay less each month even if your credit score isn’t perfect (though this does vary depending on several factors).

Leasing also allows for greater flexibility in terms of vehicle selection; some luxury models cannot be fully purchased outright due to their high cost but may be available through leasing options from reputable companies that specialize in such products. This gives buyers access to cars that would otherwise be completely out of reach due to financial restrictions alone.

Leased vehicles require little upkeep and maintenance compared with used cars so long as regular service intervals are met according to the agreement—with no additional investments required beyond routine checkups during lease periods. At the conclusion of leases, customers may return their rented car or upgrade easily since ownership is not involved—allowing traders or leasers easy exits and freedom from long-term commitments if desired (or required).

 Final Thoughts

Buying a used car vs leasing depends entirely on individual needs and preferences; while some people prefer owning something outright, others may benefit more from renting and getting out quickly if needed down the road. Ultimately both options present advantages so long as consumers make wise decisions throughout the purchasing process regardless!


Awesome Brands

Here are Golden Motors and Golden Offroad we carry a large selection of different products. When you come into the showroom you will find anything from wheels to sunglasses. Some of the brands are - FUEL Off-road Wheels, Moto Metal, Black Rhino, KMC, NITTO, Mastercraft, ReadyLIFT, Rough Country, N-Fab, AMP Research, WeatherTech, Valor, Llumar, Decked, Glassparency, Fenix, SMITH sunglasses, SOG, CobraTec and more awesome brands.

Stop by Golden Motors in Columbia South Carolina Off Lake Murray Blvd on the Irmo side of the Lake Murray dam.

80 Weed Drive,

Columbia, SC 29212

Vin Live Auctions with Golden Motors

Selling your vehicle - Looking back on selling your vehicle has always come with a negative feeling. First you have to finally decided to sell your vehicle. Next you have to go to the dealership and spend all day to

work up a price to offer you. Well those days are done with us! Golden Motors has started Vin Live Auctions a program that works along side of Golden Motors Dealership. Background on Golden Motors,

locally owned and operated here in Columbia, SC. and has been in business since 2008. Golden has grown to keep over 150 vehicles on the lot for a great selection to pick from. Specializing in custom

lifted trucks, in house full service department with 2 oversized alignment lifts and top notch Techs to help you build the vehicle to be Golden!

Now step over to the creation of Vin Live Auctions, where you get to watch your vehicle go LIVE on the ACV Auction being shown to dealers across the country. They have 20 mins to bid on your vehicle

over the other dealers to try and win the highest number. Once this is finished we will bring you the offer, along with multiple other offers. In a hour you could walk out with a check in hand for your vehicle.

We check to make sure you are getting the most we can get for with your vehicle at that time. No obligation to sell if the number does not meet the number you put down for your vehicle and it is FREE to try.

Call us to set up a time for you to come in and try it today!!

Check out Golden Motors Reviews on Google to see how people feel about this program!

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Dealer

Golden Motors Will Come To You!

Delivering our customers a comfortable and convenient experience in every phase of their car-buying journey is a value that we feel extends well beyond our

showroom doors. If you're interested in trading-in or selling your vehicle, we will come to you!

As a Kelly Blue Book R Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer, we make it easy for you to get an offer for your vehicle from home. Our team of acquisition

professionals will even come to your driveway to complete the inspection of the vehicle and verify and complete your offer without you ever needing to leave your

home. Our process is simple and transparent. So grab your phone, tablet or laptop, get comfy and get your KBB Instant Cash Offer now.


2022 CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer Awards


Golden Motors has been named a 2022 CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer! In the past year, Golden Motors accomplished a lot to get to this moment. Only an elite group of dealers are eligible for this award.

Our dealership is one of the few nationwide who has recieved the Top-Rated Dealer Award for five consecutive years. In honor of this achievement CarGurus is awarding the Top-Rated Dealer Gold Award!

The decision to choose one dealership over another is influenced by several factors - one of the most important being transparency. Dealer reviews provide the transparency shoppers need to make informed decision

about where to buy. Transparent dealers are trusted dealers they're named Top-Rated Dealers for this reason.

Gold Award for five straight years of Top-Rated Dealer 2018 - 2022

Golden Updates!

Golden Offroad has some exciting news to share! We will be going live with our online store soon! So you can purchase all of your favorite Golden Merch straight from your phone! That's right... Shirts, hats, accessories, decals and much much more, available at your fingertips. Stay tuned for updates on the website launch as we expand Golden Offroad!

First Responder and Military Specials

As a special thank you to our First Responders and Military...

Our Sales Team offers $500 off of any car/truck purchase!

Our Service Department offers 20% off of Labor.

The Detailing Team offers 10% off of services.

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